A film by Bebe Butler. Art by Alexandre Porto.

"We are not living in these times to play it small." We are ALL gifted beings meant to cultivate and express our gifts for humanity. Humility allows freedom from attachment to success. Express your gifts for the joy, for the magic – the rest is not up to you. This five minute reflection leads you to an inner landscape of peace, love and purity.


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  • Kara

    Absolutely incredible...we are finite beings in an infinite world. During our short period of life here (avg 85-100 years) it is important to use our God given gifts to glorify Him as well as the life we've been given. It is true that we were put on this earth to serve one another. Go out and share your wondrous gifts with the world starting with the people who are closest to you.

  • Mark Carlson

    I found this video to be very peaceful, quieting, and loving. Namaste

  • Swamy Vigyananand

    This video is pleasantly colored to watch. It starts well but then degenerates into some passive schizophrenic 'instrument of the imaginary divine superstition'. It is important --and human-- to own up to one's actions and thoughts. Humility can co-exist when the human actions speak louder than words.

  • Nubia

    Oh my God how beautiful!! Amazing what a gift

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  • Additional meditations and more information can be found here
  • Cultivate your creativity; collaborate with other talented people to create something that will be enjoyed by others.  
  • Today, accept uncertainty and anticipate the excitement of letting your gifts unfold from a Source beyond yourself.

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