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As the founder of "Hip Hop Saves Lives", Chad Harper writes songs to celebrate the work of everyday heroes around the globe. This one is a tribute to Julio Diaz. When a teenager robbed Julio with a knife, he gave away his wallet; but then he offered him his coat too, because "it was cold outside". He ended up taking the young man to dinner and showing him the greatest love there is. Unconditional love. It didn't matter that he had pulled a knife on Julio. Julio's love was unwavering even in the face of danger. May we all carry this strength of love in our hearts for all mankind.


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  • Junelle Hall-Morrison

    I was moved by the demonstration of God's love in action. Today as yesterday, it has not changed, is real and alive. Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world! Can't steal my shine, Amen!

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  • Support the work of Hip Hop Saves Lives, which donates money raised from the sale of songs to nonprofits in Africa and Haiti.
  • Read the Julio Diaz story, listen to it in Julio's own words, and learn more about giftivism.
  • Reflect on Chad Harper's benediction: May we all carry unconditional love for all mankind.

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