"...I know people think I’m crazy Because I dare to believe That stars can fall into my cereal bowl And mingle with the milk swirls. And I know it’s irrational to Throw crayons at God And ask him to color the sky purple. Yet, I remember the time that I did, And the next morning I awoke to royalty skyward To a majestic landscape of fantastic above. And I remember later that evening Finding the ladders tucked away behind the garage Strewn amongst thousands of Crayola boxes all missing violets. Does my memory serve me correctly or was there none of this?"

The late poet, singer, songwriter, David Blair, performs "Behind the Garage" - a poem about finding inspiration from the past - to an enthralled TEDx audience in Detroit.


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  • Read more about Blair's life and his contribution to the arts in this moving obituary.
  • Learn more about poetry slams and the role these slams have in awakening minds, fostering education and engaging communities.
  • Think about an inspirational experience from your past and fashion a line or two of poetry.

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