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Our standard definition of creativity is wrong, says Jonah Lehrer, in this interview with Steve Paulson on Wisconsin Public Radio's "to the best of our KNOWLEDGE." Creativity is not a single mode (some people have it and some don't) but a series of distinct mental processes that are fundamental traits of human nature. And the way we have traditionally gone about "being" creative is also wrong. Rather than focusing or "brainstorming" we should be daydreaming. Lehrer illustrates this with stories of Bob Dylan's writing of "Like a Rolling Stone" and the invention of the sticky note. "Creativity is the residue of time wasted." ~Albert Einstein.


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  • Cory

    Lehrer offers good insights based on research however one show be careful about taking his words at facevalue. Case in point is his take on Brainstorming. Leharer information is only half correct. Indeed Brainstorming has been studied at great deal, over 75 studies. Only half show it as not effective. Research on research uncover the fact that groups who were unproductive were not trained in or applying the 4 classic rules of brainstorming.

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  • Forget brainstorming - here are four techniques that do boost the creative process.
  • We are all naturally creative.  The next time you are stuck on a problem, take a walk or a shower.

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