A film by Ian MacKenzie. More at ianmac.com.

Stories keep us safe, asserts Thomas Hubl, but they are just an illusion. "We don't need more stories" - what we need is people that are "here" and can relate to life moment to moment, again and again. According to Hubl, being more awake means less safety. But this is what all pioneers have done - learned to move in unknown territory - THIS is the future of humanity.


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  • Thomas Hubl is a spiritual teacher who integrates the teachings of wisdom traditions, scientific research and personal experience in his work.
  • Video journalist and documentary filmmaker Ian MacKenzie focuses on "new paradigm" thinkers, artists and activists.  Watch some of his self-selected best work.
  • Make a conscious effort to interact with people anew each time you meet them rather than relying on your image of who they are based on the past.

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