A film by Alec Moore.

In January 2012, at the height of the economic crisis in Ireland and the rest of Europe, artist Frank Buckley was faced with the possibility of his home being repossessed. In a remarkable twist of fate, Frank set out to build himself a new home using shredded Euro banknotes and aptly named it "The Billion Euro House." Through The Billion Euro House, Frank seems to ask us "What is the true value of money?"


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Indeed, what is the "true value" of money? Having sold my home and most of my possessions in 2005, to create/facilitate a volunteer literacy project in Belize and live my passion as a Professional Storyteller within the world, I have a very different relationship with money than the average person, I suppose. I live to share story, not to make money, though true, I need to eat and have a place to live, but I think so differently now about what money means. So many people live miserable lives tied to money rather than following their passion, their heart, or their art. Priorities are out of sync, one positive outcome of the crisis is to witness people like Frank who finds a way to make a statement about our current situation and LIVE his passion. That and how many people have connected one to another and discovered alternate ways to live in this world. Thank you for sharing! I hope to visit in person.

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