Stand alone homes that make their own energy, harvest their own water and treat their own sewage are not only possible but happening thanks to Earthship Biotecture founder Michael Reynolds. Using only recycled materials, Reynolds' enterprise has built homes and even a handful of small communities. His goal: towns and eventually cities.


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  • Mary Anne Geconcillo De la Raya

    What inspired you about this video? This video really inspired me to continue my advocacy of saving our earth by doing recycling using recyclable materials in any forms, in a small way I can help protect and rehabilitate the earth.

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  • This CNN article gives more information on Earthships.
  • Imagine the day when solar power will be less costly than burning coal. The Nanosolar Powersheet might make it even cheaper to build Earthships.
  • Have fun designing your own Earthship! What everyday objects can you use to create something interesting?

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