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Narayana Hrudayalaya (“God’s Compassionate Home”)is a chain of hospitals in India that provides world class cardiac care and research, often free of charge, for the poor. It has pioneered Telemedicine, and it turns a huge profit. In this interview, founder Dr. Devi Shetty explains how the core of health care is dignity and compassion for all, delivered with the same level of expertise regardless of class and means.


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  • Perrii Muthuraman

    I underwent cardiac surgery in 2003 and I undersatnd what Dr. Devi Shetty talks. It's a great service. Definitely he is a social entrepreneur. May God bless him and let his services reach more and more needy people

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  • Learn more about Dr. Shetty’s initiatives to provide affordable, quality healthcare to all.
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  • Mother Teresa once told Dr. Shetty that he was a doctor because we are all sent to solve certain problems, ease the suffering of certain people. Who are you here to comfort and heal?

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