As Ray Anderson was preparing to give a speech at Interface, the billion dollar carpet company he founded, he had a stark realization."I was running a company that was plundering the earth," he recalls. While Interface fully complied with the law, Ray knew that wasn't enough. So he challenged his employees to find ways to turn it all around, and forestalled objections from his own stockholders. "He bet his entire company," remembers one colleague. And the bet paid off. Today, Interface has cut fossil fuels by 45%, reduced water usage by 49% and slowed its landfill contribution by 80%. Plans are underway for it to be a fully "restorative enterprise" by 2020. Oh, and along the way? Interface has saved over $336 million.


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  • Donnalee

    Thank you, Mr. Anderson.

  • Candyce

    Really well done! Take's it to the level it should be understood..beyond the commerce

  • Jerry's Mom

    Brave man.

  • choclet pi

    Brilliant. Am sending this everywhere too.

  • Amy Mintzer

    By far the most powerful piece I've seen from KarmaTube. I'm sending it everywhere.

  • Wendy

    There is hope!

  • Sakeena Mohamed Ali

    very interesting...and worth having sometime to look at this video,great job..and im toltaly..with this..

  • psuma

    extreemly good

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