Disillusioned with the financial system and the concept of money, Daniel Suelo abandoned money in 2000. Since then, Daniel has been living in caves and survives off wild food and scavenged leftovers. This is the bizarre and fantastic story of the man who has lived without money for 12 years....


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  • Simon

    I think that in the West we have far too few people who are capable of accepting things freely. People seem to be too concerned, consumed if you will, about the price-tag that is seemingly attached to everything. This, for me, is a huge imbalance. There is so much going to waste, and people have so much stuff. Food does not hold a price once it cannot be sold anymore, and that is why it is thrown in the skips. A lot of supermarkets lock their skips away, so that noone can retrieve the food despite it being of no economic value. This is not a loving distribution of food, for me. If food is going to waste, then it should be open for people to take, especially if they need it. Efforts should be made to enable this. And about people having way too much stuff - it seems like people are afraid of giving away things as gifts to people. I challenge you, gentle reader, to pick up the first item you see that is not essential to your life, and to give it to someone that you do not know that you see in the street, in a shop, etc., that you feel a connection with. Do it, and do it before you decide against doing it.

  • Roberto

    Just imagine 5 billion people living like Daniel. It's much more easy when you are in the US. He lives without money but has backpacks, clothes, eats food made by others. In my opinion he simply gave up and found more easy to don't accept any responsibility, therefore his life is other people's responsibility. If he got sick and need a hospital, somebody(us) has to pay the bill. For sure his story inspired me to think about where I would be if I take his decision. I don't like it.

  • bob banner

    but it seems extreme, why not absorb and learn about all the other alternatives that INCLUDES people.. our GIFTS, our Time.. learn about timebank, learn about gifting circles and communities, learn about the various and diverse community currencies. I no longer wish to do things that promote SEPARATION... If we are all one, then lets bring forth the immense creativity that surrounds us...

  • Prudence Zorrilla

    Thank you Daniel for living by example. Nature doesn't need money to continue on and neither do we. I too believe one day we will figure that out. HOW we will figure that out is all up to us :)

  • Paige

    This reminds me of the story "Into the Wild" which is a popular novel and movie. I wish some day I could rely less on money and financial happiness.

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  • Watch this interview with Daniel Suelo to gain insights into his views and experiences.
  • Learn how the gift economy became an alternative to the cash economy in Mali.
  • Reflect on a time when you traded money for your or someone else's happiness. Ask yourself - Was it really worth it?

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