"Mindfulness is to know what is happening in yourself and in your environment; to take care of yourself, to treasure yourself and to listen to yourself - to love yourself. Mindfulness is love." ~ Sister Jewel, of the Plum Village meditation practice centre in France. When difficulties arise, children who have learned to be aware of their emotions and to calm their bodies, can transform those situations or their suffering. In this video, you can see how calm and serene one of the students, Jay, is, even during the interview and filming, often sitting with his eyes closed and deeply listening to the living examples of people who live mindfully at Plum Village.


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  • Laura

    The inspiration of this video is how foreign it is to American culture. It is a wonderful view of keeping peace in families.

  • Maud

    The gentleness in Jewel's voice as she talks about what she wants to support in children's practices of mindfulness is calming and serine.

  • subramanian

    fantastic approach Charu you may like this

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