Suzee ("Suchi") Waters Benjamin rocks an "Occupy" theme in this spirited, political, optimistic music video. Walls, she says, provide a discomforting comfort, an inhibiting security, "Like wearing outgrown shoes, a little painful to walk in but more painful to lose." Only by razing these walls, and creating a new sense of order, do we embrace the possibility to reclaim our "divine birthright" of true freedom.


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  • Study the lyrics of "When the Wall Came Down" and find the poetic relavance to your life and your politics.
  • Philospher Slovoj Zizek has a less optimistic view of whether the wall will be coming down any time soon. Hear his thoughts on "dreaming dangerously" about long-shot revolution;s.
  • Generosity can topple the wall of venality. Be revolutionary: give-away something of value to someone who might need or appreciate it.

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