One day, fashion photographer Rick Guidotti saw a beautiful girl with white hair at a bus stop. Before he could ask her if he could take her picture, she got on the bus. Wanting to know more about this girl, he went into a book store and discovered that she had a condition called albinism. Yet every picture he could find in books or the Internet showed him images of illness, sadness, and despair - nothing like the beauty he had seen in the girl at the bus stop. This TEDx talk shows Rick Guidotti's transformation from fashion photographer to a passionate activist who sees beauty in genetic diversity.


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  • abou toure

    the fire in this guy rick who look these kids with different eyes and as well open the eyes of the world about albinos around the world.his influence and position help those who doesnt have a voice to be heard and treated like any other human being without discrimination.this is a noble mission.i am proud of him and i think oprah ,anderson cooper should invite him and help him out in this mission.than you rick

  • Lani Van PEtten

    The breathless pace of one after another revelations of depth of experience, no better! The ability to convey that experience!

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  • Learn more about the work Rick Guidotti is doing to utilize visual arts to support and promote human dignity through Positive Exposure.
  • The National Organization of Albinism and Hypopigmentation has a wealth of information and support programs for people with this condition.
  • Steady your gaze long enough to see the beauty in something you find to be different.

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