This spring, "Greater Good" magazine ran its first-ever happiness video competition, inviting 400+ students enrolled in "Human Happiness," a University of California at Berkeley psychology class taught by Dacher Keltner, Faculty Director of the Greater Good Science Center. The winner, out of 60 submissions, is "Bill's Story," which creatively illustrates a key scientific finding: that social connections, not wealth or status, are the key to happiness.


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  • Liv this another excuse to make a gay video??? I thought this was a paying-it-forward inspirational kind of thing...

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  • Find out more about the happiness video competition and watch the other 9 video finalists. 
  • Read some of the hundreds of articles based on research by the Greater Good Science Center on the psychology, sociology and neuroscience of well-being.
  • Doing good is an essential ingredient to being happy. Do something nice for the next person you see - give a smile.

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