This film trailer for the 2006 documentary, "God Grew Tired of Us," chronicles the journey of young men who fled Sudan's civil war by walking 1,000 miles through the African wilds, surviving attacks by lions and bombing raids by government forces, before receiving refuge in the United States. Their new life was not without challenges of its own: like using an alarm clock and sizing up a donut.


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  • donal

    well done lads-what an amazing adventure-hope you enjoyed the donut and a well deserved slice from the Big Apple!And of course it only goes to prove that God never grows tired of us!

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  • John Dau, one of the survivors from Sudan, is part of an NGO helping his countrymen who are still in refugee camps. Help that cause.
  • Sudan is currently in the throes of a genocide in its Darfur region. Take action wherever you are.
  • Support independent films dealing with international human rights, or make a film yourself.

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