Walk with Rosy Aronson as she tours her neighborhood and listens to what the flowers tell her about difference, self-acceptance, and the ever-present opportunity to change and grow. She challenges us to ignore our ridiculous mind of weighing and comparing, and to just open up to what is possible.


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  • katie

    I liked the video, and it's message. I just wish it didn't feel like she was talking to me like I was a five yr old...still a beautiful message.

  • kathie

    So true and beautiful and true. Thank you for posting this video.

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  • Learn more of Dr. Aronson’s thoughts and take a free "blossoming bodygraph."
  • Find further inspiration on how to blossom.
  • In what ways does your ridiculous mind hold you back? How would you blossom if you turned it off? Walk around your neighborhood and try to see everyone you meet as Rosy saw the flowers.

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