Find out how 9-year old Brendan Haas turned a toy soldier into a trip to Disney World. On Memorial Day, Brendan gave the trip to the family of a U.S. Army Lt. killed in Afghanistan last year. And when the Walt Disney Company rewarded him for his generosity with all-expenses-paid trip of his own, he gave that one away too.


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  • Mara

    This is incredible. If I mentioned doing something like that to my younger siblings, they'd say: "No way, that trip is mine!" But Brendan is so selfless, he gave that trip away. Brendan, I truly respect your work. Thank you so much

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  • Visit Brendan's Facebook page "Soldier for a Soldier" to participate in a trade.
  • Learn more about other organizations serving military veterans and their families.
  • Check out  Brendan's newest project in conjunction with the Armed Forces Foundation and MIT and how you can help.

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