A child dies every 15 seconds for lack of clean water. When sisters Isabelle (age 8) and Katherine (age 6) Adams learned this, they decided to do something about it, one square piece of paper at a time. Everyday, after school, they make origami ornaments that they sell to raise funds for Living Water International. They have raised over $17,000 in less than a year - enough for a well in Ethiopia and one in India.


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  • Joji

    A litle deed can bring a lot of change

  • hezbone

    we need to protect the environment to a void what we are seen in this pictured this is a sad thing we need more support to providing alternative livelihood in our country

  • Maya Vidhyadharan

    The essence of God in action! The little ones inspire the older generation that has become enmeshed in day to day living ... and have temporarily forgotten what life is all about.

  • Mara

    It's really an amazing inspiring thing those two girls are doing. It's not often that I've had thoughts of things like this, but this video really spoke to me. Thank you girls, for what you're doing, keep up the hard work. :)

  • Blair

    Hope is harder and harder to come by. There is a place where what one does matters and how far we have to go doesnt hamper the celebration of how far we have come!

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  • Think about the skills that you have, today, that can make someone's life just that little bit (or a lot) better. Cooking? Listening? Hugging? Share your story as a comment on this page.

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