In Jaffa, Jewish and Palestinian Israelis live side-by-side, but for years, the two communities have been segregated. Now, their children are being brought together through dance. Renowned ballroom dancer, Pierre Dulaine, believes that dance can overcome cultural and political differences. Ballroom dance teaches life skills, but more importantly, it teaches self-respect and respect for your partner. Watch as these children overcome racism and prejudice and become partners.


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  • Sandy Macovei

    What inspired you about this video? The thought of two cultural enemies possibly overcoming their differences through this next generation, through the art of dance. Leaves a hopeful feeling.

  • cassandra m. wimbs

    What inspired you about this video? The way the youth dressed up especially for dance.

  • Lena Eriksson

    I really like al things that bring people togheter....and dance is a good one...

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  • Read more about Pierre Dulaine's work with Dancing Classrooms, to help kids around the world gain confidence and other life skills.
  • Filmmaker Julia Bacha documents some of the nonviolent initiatives for peace among Israelis and Palestinians. Watch this TED talk to learn more.
  • Ever thought of taking a dance lesson?  Go ahead, do it today.

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