Photographer Ron Corbin beautifully captures images that are not necessarily attractive – people on the street, especially those that are often ignored, or make us uncomfortable. With few resources of his own, it is his way to focus attention on helping or reaching out to those people who may have exhausted hope.


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  • Robert

    Ron the pictures are just real, we must not close our eyes to our brothers and sisters who have fallen into traps and misfortunes of life. I hope there are people who are willing to help you bring attention, concerns, and help to the people who really need our brothers help. I hope we can have a forum on this site to help raise some attention and hear from others who share these same concerns.

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  • Learn more about the filmmakers who implore, “Don’t just watch the world – change the world!”
  • Pick something from this list of 10 ways to help street children, and do it today.
  • Carry a few food gift certificates or packets of nutritious food bars to give, along with a kind word, when you notice someone in need.

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