A film by Neal Rogin and Mary Earle Chuse.

"If you are coming to help us, you are wasting your time. But if you are coming because you know your liberation is bound up with ours, then let us work together." ~Indigenous Elders

In 1995, the Achuar people, living in the Amazon rain forests of Ecuador, sent out a call to people in the "modern" world to join forces to preserve their land and culture. Today, the Pachamama Alliance works to protect tens of millions of rain forest in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.


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  • david

    Obviously this is a promotional video for the this wonderful project. It would be great if it could also show how the communities came up with tangible ideas and gel them together from start to finish.

  • Maria

    Thank you for fixing the spelling and.. Wow!Lsuper quick reply!! I'm very impressed! Really great awareness//attention to detail. Made me feel proud of being an American!

  • Maria

    What inspired you about this video? Ooops.. *spell*

  • Maria

    Could you possibly spelle "Colombia" correctly? mahalo!!

  • Love

    Loved this video.

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  • Learn more about The Pachamama Alliance and their role in working toward a just, sustainable and thriving world.
  • The Pachamama Alliance has energized the younger generation to action.  Watch the story of Generation Waking Up.
  • We are who we've been waiting for.  Become part of the solution.

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