Some days, you need to remind yourself about what's truly important in life. So sit back with a cup of your favorite beverage and give yourself a few minutes to savor this sweet video, which gives you a prescription for happiness in two minutes, starting with "show up."


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  • Esther Smiling

    Simple specifically clear short phrases uplifting and inspiring. Thank you.

  • TS Mendiola

    The reality that cannot be ignored. The realization that time is a constant and a limited commodity.

  • christine combs

    music and sweet pics and true words

  • Mrk

    Thank you! I try to do as many of these as possible on a regular basis. I still struggle with thoughts of being authentic to true self but these sorts of reminders help, I’m on the journey!

  • Loriel Golden

    Although it is common sense, it is important that you made this video available to us. Many of us still need to be reminded of these things to do for self love and self esteem. The music is soothing, too. The cartoons are very sweet. Thanks for giving us this gift. I especially appreciate your guidance to make a Gratitude List. May Peace and Love prevail on Planet Earth.

  • Cheryl

    Thank You for This....I feel so much Better Just Reading This....AAHHHH!!!!

  • Terry Bitzel

    Just what I needed. Cool! Watched it 4 times.

  • Gina

    i have done and try to do these things, so it is a great reminder to share with loved ones!

  • bright starr

    being grateful for the little i have yet i give to others with a open heart, having a small cirlce of friends who love me as me

  • Evie

    Being myself in a world of differing values even from those I loved and respected as a child.

  • Cathy

    so beautiful and TRUE

  • bunny

    Thank you for sharing this video..It will really make a big difference in life insanely great video.

  • Sue Walker

    Self compassion.

  • Isabel G. Burris

    Your family can impact your decisions; your friends can make you feel a certain way; No one can tell you what to do today.

  • gfhtljl

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  • jytrll

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  • Eila Neergaard

    The Power of its Simplicity and Love of Life !

  • Ohad Interator

    The music is great and the messages are simple and powerful ! So moving !

  • Martin galvin

    Some great ideas here.I am married. Meals are good,home care is good,but I don't get any hugs or kisses any more so I need to find someone to love. ,

  • Abhijit

    This is such a great illustration of how to lead a meaningful life ! Thx for sharing this !!!

  • diamantebox

    This was truly beautiful, check out my video on the same:

  • judy jaime

    Life is the most beautiful gift after our universe...Thank you for reminding humanity about being human and being kind to itself. From now on, I will dedicate a few minutes everyday to make myself happy so I can be a gift for the world

  • raviteja

    learned how to live.

  • Christy

    Thank you for sharing this!! By the way, what is the name of the song that is playing? It is beautiful!!

  • ishita

    inspire to live an happy life

  • Bilkis

    This video inspires us to have positive feelings about ourselves and accept what we are, and cherish ourselves,good idea

  • Raj

    This video does something in the heart..don't know how to express it...I instantly feel the love for myself when I listen to it..

  • grenadine as grenadine

    I'm inspired to my boyfriend not to become an enemy but to become a model or being someone someday...I love you.. mwahhh love you. ??

  • Gary

    The simplicity of just being !! :-)

  • Bilkis

    Inspiring video,we need to remember this message all the time

  • reet

    To be simple is to be great simply true !!! Life is wonderful and simple we make it complicated and less gracefull lets be our own self and blissful

  • deepthi

    really touching...

  • Frances

    Simple, true, freeing message

  • Prakash

    Focus on self first, rest shall follow

  • martina

    Great video and reminders. "Show up" is the most inspiring for me.

  • krk

    really motivating and a true reminder

  • Adnan

    It is inspiration! Opened my eyes to live fully and to look at life in the correct perspective and be fulfilled without subjecting ourselves to the modern world stresses. It is a short course to being contented and happy.

  • Steve

    Brilliant.All the good things in life are free,accessible and easy...but we insist on been difficult with others and ourselves...Aum...

  • Peia

    I would love to know the name of the piano piece

  • ketsia etienne

    Life is great when we focus on the self and on what we have.

  • Thirumalaimuthu

    It is simple but most powerful with lot of meaning and messages.

  • sheetal

    Its simplicity and meaning put across in short and sweet sentences :)

  • Babs

    This was a relaxed reminder to ourselves. It did forget one thing - remember that God created the world for us and we should show our thanks to Him.

  • Sophie

    Thank you it reminds us of what life all about ,with love and blessings and gratitude

  • Alice

    I propose that this message will keep me going when I need it most. Hope it does the same for you.

  • Cynthia Feighan

    Good summary reminder.....

  • Jaleh

    Made me smile and inspired me

  • Mohan Krishnan Nair

    "Real life troubleshooter"

  • Nandakumar Menon

    Basic lessons for all

  • Jo Ann

    What inspired you about this video? Very relaxing to view and jsut makes you think about who you are and how you can make positive changes in your life! AWESOME!!!

  • yindee phoolvitayakit

    life is easy ......sometime

  • Shyam

    Good reminders to put your life on the right tract. This short video portrays life in its proper perspective in order to make our living sublime. Thank you very much!

  • Mouzone Bakari

    From start to finish it show you small and easy ways to make your LIFE better. Now if everyone would do this?

  • Michele-Rose

    It was talking to me and it was what I needed to hear

  • Tammy Rakela

    The sweet simplicity of the video and the lovely music left me feeling sweet and grateful.

  • joyce White Nelson

    It was posted on the Global 30 Day Gratitude Challenge group on FB . We encourage people to express gratitude throughout the world by sending them a personally written greeting card.

  • Rainer Proksch

    By being yourself, you will find that inner peace. Instead of being a duplicate of another person one should always try to focus on projecting themselves so that people start to notice them with their qualities. - Rainer Proksch (

  • Rainer

    This video portrays how a person should be in order find true happiness. It is our life and we know ourselves better than others. Then why should we pretend? - Rainer (

  • Drew

    Thinking different does make things different in life, thanks for helping me find the things I've lost in life, Drew

  • karen

    I was going through something and called my friend who will always have the right words of incouragement and truth

  • g.p.agarwal

    The vedio has presented the true picture of the person who is uncertain about his own goals, and the way he should start and live with life. Today, this week, month year and all the future days of his life.

  • Kathryn

    The pure simplicity that yeilds such a big return touched me so much!

  • Nancy

    Inspires me to realize I need to focus on myself and the good in this world and to appreciate all that I have, all that I can do and accept and free myself from things I cannot change.

  • pat

    this made me happy

  • Barb

    I love the simple ideas that help you stop & think! And have a gratitude list!

  • Harold

    A very simple and touching video. This works great for me.

  • samantha

    The music alone is very soft and contemplative... The message of gratitude stands out for me. I am grateful to witness this video <3

  • doug hall


  • Kathryn Powers

    This video is awesome! It's real, balanced, based on universal laws and principles, and well done. Great!

  • BK Dr Asha

    Most of us forget who we truly are ! Our original peaceful nature gets over shadowed by the negative influences in our life. I have been on a spiritual path for a long time and my personal experience is that we need to really remind ourself daily of our own original self. Getting grounded to our own self.

  • dorothy

    counting my blessings is a DAILY EXCERCISE FOR ME

  • jane

    OMG! I just cried through this, what an amazing video!!!

  • Amitabha Kar

    my inherent quest for acquiring a stable peace of mind, if possible.

  • Tamilyn

    nothing but great advice thru out i forwarded it to both my children and my own social media because i believe if we each began the day with these thoughts in our head .. happiness would be abound :) LOVE IT !!!

  • Stephanie

    Every one of these statements inspired me and rang true to the things I want to strive for in my life. I just forget and lose my way sometimes. So thankful for the reminder!

  • Chessi

    My yoga instructor shared this with us today. I couldn't hold back the tears.

  • Claude

    Merci pour cette vidéo sympathique Pleine de bons conseils A suivre des deux côtés de l'Atlantique Et partout sous le soleil.

  • Sharon

    This found me when I needed it the most.I started a new job and feel overwhelmed. The music made me cry.I loved "Lighten Up"!In my fifties,I am still learning how to do this.Think Spring!Thank you :) PS Wish there was a t-shirt like the video.I'd wear it out.

  • Terry

    Seemed to cover it all. How lucky for those of us who have had the opportunity to live in those ways.

  • p.a.

    I especially loved the music. The simplicity of the drawings. The list is so close to my personal list.

  • Chandrakant

    "Be true to yourself" Awesome way to teach important things in beautiful way!

  • Cheryl

    Simple truths resonating beauty within my soul.

  • john white

    Very moving, simple traits of living that everyone should believe in ...positive energy will follow if even one is accomplished!!

  • Paresh

    Simple and Touchy!!!

  • nilz

    it communicates how simple is the life to live....

  • Richa Chopra

    Its an amazing video and an insightful one....a must watch by touches the simple things a person should definately follow in one's life....

  • Ish Chopra

    such beautiful inspirational videos will surely help seekers like us to be true to our inner self.

  • srs raju

    it is enlightening and revealing . it is good

  • mala nagaraju

    The simplicity and the truth in life

  • ashok mehta

    Very simple with nice thoughts, and good music to enjoy. Still a good scope of improvement by incorporating helpful attitude - what you can do good to others. We are all in the pursuit of happiness, but real happiness is hidden in making other people around us happy.

  • Revati

    The Simplicity of this video is amazing!! Life is simple if we just live it in its entirety, honesty and attuned to its beauty! Thank you!

  • Larry

    It's funny that it mentioned limiting television, but not Internet use.

  • Sameera

    It all makes sense. Follow the guidelines shown to better one's life and to better the world.

  • Laurie

    Does anyone know who made this video, and where I could find the source of it? it's beautiful. thanks

  • Janet

    Just loved every second of this presentation. it made me smile.

  • Jean

    It touches more than my head and heart, it touches my soul. Simple, earthy, elegant, inspiring. A wonderful reminder of things we already know but so often lose sight of. The music accompanying the words and photos is just as touching as its contents. Thank you. I'll pass this along to others. Jean MB

  • Pat Beton

    Reminded me of the benefits of being positive. The part that I had let slip ......

  • Frank woodward

    Nothing inspiring. I think it was geared toward women more than men with such sayings as pamper yourself and buy yourself flowers. Most of the thoughts are common sense every day sensiblitiesfor a rewarding life.

  • patty

    I was inspired by the sweetness of the presentation. Watched it a couple of times to let it all sink in!

  • Annie

    I loved it. Aren't they drawings from Jean-Claude Marol ? They look so much like them.

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