Molecular biologist and writer John Bohannon has a modest proposal: use dance instead of PowerPoint the next time you have to give a presentation. In fact, to really capture the essence of a complex issue, the fewer words you use, the better. In this TEDx talk, Bohannon illustrates his point by using interpretive dancers from Minnesota's Black Label Movement to explain complex scientific ideas.


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  • Bruce

    Very entertaining and imaginative! A wonderful juxtaposition of an example of enormous private sector cost inefficiency and an almost insignificant public sector savings - and a tongue-in-cheek (I think) proposal on how one can address the other! A call for imaginative outside-the-box thinking to get America back on track. A call against over-simplistic solutions that might do more damage than good and certainly target specific groups. A pleasure to view on many levels!

  • Julie

    I really enjoyed this. If only science could be taught with such a visual genre in our public schools.

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  • Learn more about John Bohannon, whose research includes the blurring line between people food and pet food.
  • Check out the 2011 winners of "Dance Your PhD" where, instead of explaining their research with words, scientists have to explain it with dance.
  • The next time you give a presentation, be creative. How can you make complex information simple and interesting?

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