We have beliefs about what might happen, what the right answer is, or who will win. If someone disagrees with us, we are threatened because being wrong feels embarrassing, humiliating and sometimes dangerous. In this TED talk, "Wrongologist" Kathryn Schulz suggests that we loosen up and embrace the surprise of not always being sure. Indeed, that we should embrace our fallibility.


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  • Ralph

    I really appreciate Kathryn describing the difference between feeling wrong and being wrong. Approaching the world with no sense of being right sounds enticing, I think I'll try it.

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  •  Read an excerpt from the book, Being Wrong.
  • Read a story of perceptions: the blind men and the elephant, and contemplate the lessons.
  • When you notice “right” or “wrong” in your thoughts or words, understand it’s your perspective. Try not to cling too strongly to the outcome.

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