Doug Eaton celebrated his 65th birthday by performing 65 random acts of kindness. This included spending 65 minutes on a street corner giving away money to strangers. From a distance, Eaton looked like any other panhandler. But his sign read: "I have a home… and a car… and a job. Do you need a few bucks for some coffee?" That day, Eaton gave away over $375, but the goodwill he shared with his community was priceless.


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  • Sherina Thiiloganathan

    Great motivation for ct of kindness!

  • Lucky Penne

    How much fun is that?! Way to go, Doug ~ Many Happy Returns of the Day!! "Man, governed by immortal Mind, is always beautiful and grand. Each succeeding year unfolds wisdom, beauty, and holiness." ~ Mary Baker Eddy

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  • To see a full list of Doug's 65 random acts of kindess, visit his Facebook page.
  • Check out The Birthday Project to find out how to make your special day a special day for everyone.
  • Why wait for your birthday? Perform a random act of kindness for someone today.

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