Storytelling + social media = civic engagement. This is the formula that filmmaker Toan Lam hopes will inspire people to act for the benefit of others. Lam is the Chief Inspirator of Go Inspire Go, a group of 3 dozen volunteers that feature character-driven stories about "everyday heroes" whose small acts create ripples of change in their communities. The young filmmakers at Bus 52 are hoping to do the same by telling the story of Go Inspire Go.


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  • Learn more about GoInspireGo and watch some of their inspirational videos.
  • 1 bus, 1 year, 48 States, and hundreds of stories. Follow Bus 52 as they make their way across the lower 48 U.S. states uncovering innovative community action.
  • Are you engaged in an innovative community activity? Inspire others by telling your story.

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