In this TEDx video Mike Dickson poses the question, "What is enough?" In a world where big money is made storing "stuff", why not find ways to maximize your life and not just your collection of things? Living a simple life teaches us the value of what we have and not just the price.


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  • Cody

    Truly a story that the Western World needs to hear. I mean, I look at my own life and see my many possessions of rarely used items... How many TV's do you have in your house? How many do you actually use? How many people don't have electricity or running water? How can I help?

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  • Corporate giving can be a daunting process. Visit The More You Give and learn how Mike Dickson is helping corporations to simplify that process.
  • Read more about living a minimalist lifestyle. The Minimalists have been featured on CBS, ABC, NPR, and quite a few other media outlets.
  • Evaluate your home, possesions, and lifestyle. Are there things you may not need that you can donate to someone less fortunate? Can you simplify your life?

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