Nature moves in spirals, from whirlpools to hurricanes to the human heart. Scientist Jay Harmon spent 20 years working to "freeze" a whirlpool so that he could reverse-engineer it as the rotary part of a machine or pump. This "frozen whirlpool" can stir 10 million gallons of water in a storage tank for the equivalent of a couple of light bulb's worth of power, keeping the water clean without the use of chlorine or other chemicals. This design is now being used for other applications, including fans, propellers and wind turbines.


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  • Douglas

    This is the whole principle of implosion verses explosion which is what nature uses in creating energy. It's how our heart works. I would love to know what else Jay is doing.

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  • In this interview, Jay Harmon talks about his love for nature and the insiration he derives from nature to solve human problems.
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