A film by Gnarly Bay.

A visually beautiful and inspiring video of a "journey" ending with two poignant questions: “Is it possible to be happy with this life?” and “Did you enjoy your story?” (Did you?)


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  • Rajendra Rakhecha

    It encourages to enjoy every moment of the life with nature and yourself! Amazing! Plan a life so that you can be one of those!

  • Lo

    I understand some poeple around the world get a hard time connecting with this. Indeed, 2 people who probably look like you, yes they are white, yes they own fancy trekking-travelling-shooting gear, yes they probably come from privilege background, none the less , they look exactly like you. wether you re white black asian hispanic indian... You and them have the same potential, the same world to work your way through. sure they have had more ease going through life than others, but that doesnt take away the fact that those two, are just like you. I have been traveling for 6 years now around many part of the world, and what i hear time and again is 'I wish i could travel like you do and see the world but i can t, i have this and that and those and these that prevent me from doing it' Let me make something clear: a vast majority of poeple, regardless of their background, bank account,skin color,hair length, sex, heigth, could hit the road tomorrow, start travelling and live the adventures, joys, ups and downs you see on this video. But, they fear the consequences. they fear what poeple are gonna say, where am i gonna sleep, what am i gonna eat, they fear... the world around them. You don t need money to travel, you don t need fancy gear, and please, please! you don t need to be white privileged, belly full kid to hit the road. What i read below is just being unfair to Gnarly bay. ANY ONE can live the adventures they witnessed on this video, any one. Sure it will be harder for some than other to break free from your current situation, but you just have to dare, you just have to leap, and the net will appear. just don t blame other poeple for the courage you are presently lacking. Because those white privileged kids might just be the ones who show you where the courage is, and it is in you. You are the master. You can decide to act and accept the consequences or , not to act, and grudge those who did.

  • Carmen

    The celebration of what is; each person's journey to realize the importance of becoming one with what lies outside the self.

  • Marlena

    usually I like karma tube but when it starts and says two people who probably look like you and shows 2 white probably privileged people, I get the sense that the person making this doesn't include my reality as a poorer person of color. Thank you Robert and Patricia for noticing this and commenting on it. I feel a little less alone and a little more seen.

  • Shirley

    The freedom of life itself. Just be yourself and love life. Feel it's joy each and every day.

  • Jennifer

    Reminder to just be and enjoy. Accomplishments can be overrated!

  • gary massey

    watch with wonder

  • lystra

    Time waits on no one - just breathe and enjoy the breath taking moments

  • Deb

    The freedom of the journey, the beautiful landscape and the happiness of the people on the journey. And yes, it is possible to be happy in this life.

  • Tamilyn

    what inspired me ? the beginning ..middle..end.. and all in between :)

  • Mark

    Yes. Yes. Life is as brief as a flash of lightening. Enjoy.

  • sheetal

    "They travelled until time simply faded away..."

  • Ronna

    happiness cannot be sought after or found...true happiness is what you ARE...the photography is beautiful...it appears that the happiness that is portrayed here is a carrot to be acquired...that is suffering

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    We are all on a journey in this thing called life, both literally and figuratively. Even in darkness it is possible to be happy or have moments of Joy in the simple things; bubbles, butterflies, birds singing,color of leaves, the sky; enjoying wherever we are in whatever moment. Yes I'm enjoying my story; each day we have a choice to enjoy or not. to be Kind, to Share, to Love, to Give. Let us do our best to Share Happiness with others.

  • Godwin Botchway

    we must live well and endure all odds:we shall laugh at the end of it al

  • Shail Shah

    Such a beautiful story...it shows that with nothing material in this world, just with our surroundings, and compassion for life, we all can be happy. :)

  • sanjeevkiran

    nanu enduku bathuku thunnano ardam kavatle du naku dairyam kavali plz give n\me

  • sanjeevkiran

    na life ki video ledu anni problems nannu emcheyyamantaru meere cheppandi

  • larsp

    it's that joy comes from the Heart not from ones possessions

  • Oda Inanna

    Still, this might be a just another fantasy for healthy rich people. Most people I know do not have a story that resembles this. They suffer, struggle and smile only occationally.

  • Oda Inanna

    Such a gorgeous video. What inspired me the most was the one questions at the end: "Is it possible to be happy with this life?" Suddenly I wanted so to say yes so bad. I want to live my life in such a way that I can say yes.

  • Vetrivel Shanmugam

    Really Amazing Video, What inspired me was... The time , I see this video on 31/12/2012 last day of the year and The two messages , and ofcourse the picturisation,Thank you for sharing Vetrivel Shanmugam

  • JT

    Awesome video! Great response KT! not about money or privelege! i have been to harlem and i hope one day to go to africa! Beautiful people!!!! mother nature is beautiful and this is what this video represents no matter where you are or who you are in this world! just look around!

  • KarmaTube Admin

    @Victoria Anderson - A short answer to your question of who "owns" KarmaTube - you and all the viewers of KarmaTube. KarmaTube is offered as a gift by the thousands of volunteers who are members of ServiceSpace.org. In keeping with the principles that govern ServiceSpace, KarmaTube is all-volunteer run, does not advertise on the site or seek donations, and offers this curated platform of inspirational, social change videos as a gift. Other ServiceSpace gift economy projects include: DailyGood.org, conversations.org, helpothers.org, movedbylove.org and more. This TEDx video by one of the founders of ServiceSpace on Designing For Generosity, may give you a feel for where we wish to take our projects in the future: http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=3048 @Marc Roth - please direct your questions to the folks at Gnarly Bay Productions: https://vimeo.com/gnarlybay/videos. @Robert - thank you for being a wonderful supporter and offering your comments when you think we are off target.

  • Patricia

    I'm with Robert on this one: it's visually beautiful, but naively portrays a fantasy for privileged (and probably white) entitled kids with "spare time, spare change and lots of food in their bellies". Pissed me off too. A kid from the projects would have no frame of reference and couldn't even imagine such a journey.

  • victoria anderson

    What inspired you about this video? You didn't answer my comments?

  • victoria anderson

    What inspired you about this video? I would like to know what large corporation or company sponsors this site? Who owns Karma Tube?

  • Kati

    I loved the sense of adventure and the freedom these couples displayed. Happy? Good question: when you allow yourself to love - not just another person but all people and all life I think you cannot help but be happy.

  • HiMe

    Wonder-full video...aspirational....geared for young caucasian living amongst affluence, beautiful images for beautiful people....not grounded/connected enough to relate to or inspire a wide audience....yet it still encourages anyone to find the beauty in life and to make your story a good one even if it seems impossible. Beautiful: Be You To The Full

  • Marc Roth

    I'm just curious, was any of that time lapse or motion control shot with an Emotimo device?

  • Peter

    Thank you for making this video with beautiful places on this precious planet and with all these happy and healthy people in it. It looks almost as a commercial. Being happy might be the moment when you don't need to ask questions and are able to be satified with the moment...

  • Lloyd

    A friend sent me this and I loved it. I loved the narrator's voice, the music, and the thoughts about life, the present and the future, whether one is happy presently with his/her current life, and dealing with the future that is ahead of you.

  • sethi

    Awesome , thank you for sharing . All of us in this life have our own story to experience and tell and then we make the choice of what we have experienced in life .

  • Robert

    Oh yes, a delightful and moving video! Reminds me of my own crazy quests as a young man. But from my 68 years perspective, it also pissed me off -- why? Because only privileged (and probably white) folks with spare time, spare change and lots of food in their bellies can take off on such a journey. There's such a feeling of cluelessness and smugness attached to this, I'm sorry. Show this to poor kids in Mumbai or Rio or Harlem for that matter -- what do you think they'll say? I am a loyal, grateful supporter of KarmaTube, but once in a while you're off target -- this is an example.

  • Farah

    Only as a per you can enjoy life ...

  • Steve

    I had to see who did these videos: Corey Melton Gnarly Bay Shows Off Their 2011 Reel:www.fstoppers.com/gnarly-bay-shows-off-their-2011

  • Jane

    Yes, to David - both questions imply choice. Pity the people who don't choose to see and live the beauty in life - it is not just in exotic places or with one special person. It is wherever you are and whomever you are with. It is your journey, the good and bad, the beautiful and ugly; you have to embrace it. Seeing the beauty in nature and exotic places is easy. Seeing the beauty in the everyday is the key to happiness.

  • marcia

    i especially loved the second question...did you enjoy your story....because that is really all we have! We have our version of the truth. I am still growing into loving my story.

  • Jo Anna

    Inspirational. It is a heartfelt reminder of the beauty of spending time outside.

  • David

    Both questions implied choice.

  • David

    As others have gratefully observed, our joyful stories are about while-hearted participation in what already IS.... Beautiful storytelling.

  • Tracey

    It was stunning, uplifting & so very beautiful. It served to remind us of how much there is in this world to be truly grateful for. Most of it just out there courtesy of Mother Nature. Thank you for a wonderful end of year reminder of what is really important in life

  • Savita

    what a video ...simply bearutiful...........

  • veronica

    What inspired you about this video?life is beautiful its the only thing we have now....enjoy

  • Michael

    Stories like this bring out the best and inspire.

  • Beverley

    Of course I am very happy with this life, I am the Captain of my own ship and the sails are bellowing with adventure and new people every moment. My life is what I make it. Your story was pleasant.

  • joShu

    Beautiful! Another Q: Did you become who you were meant to be?

  • Carlos

    Need to ask those two questions myself twice everyday, once as I open my eyes when I wake up and another as I close them to rest.

  • Helle Mikkelsen

    To me this story IS life - wow

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