Love for animals makes you do extraordinary things. When the Bill Foundation in California received a call from an animal shelter in Los Angeles about Isabella and her 6 Rottweiler babies about to be put to sleep, that's exactly what they did. Isabella and her family were not the only one's who found love and hope that day, there was also Willow the Terrier and her 6 babies and Cassidy who was found abandoned near the shelter. This video tells a story of astonishing love, kindness and humaneness.


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  • Chris

    It is so touching!So amazing what people can do if they really love animals!

  • Michael

    The Love shown. :)

  • parvati

    Love and dedication. We have usually gotten every dog we had from shelters. Blessings to these wonderful people for saving these sweet pups.

  • Krilliana Birdwell

    I was inspired to send this to a dear friend in La Paz,BCS, because his compassion for stray animals and humans in that lovely town inspires him to: buy tuna for a small street kitty that begs at his table when he eats at a local pizza cafe put out saved bones for street doggies in front of his home visit a local elder home to play dominoes with a group of elder men friends bringing favorite foods, some simple things that they wouldn't be able to have with the limited menu they are provided concern for a homeless man wandering the waterfront... dirty and lost in his mind stopping to inquire about the safety of a wheelchair bound man on the streets.... giving money & food to a homeless leg-less man, at two different spots a day apart in Tecate,Mx treating everyone he meets with a patient kindness, with a soft look into their eyes..... I love him for his generosity, humility, open hearted thoughtfulness for those around him in a community that includes so many hard working, struggling families among so much abundant tourism. All of these selfless acts bring me to tears at the simple kindness that my friend gives everyday.

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  • Learn more about the Bill Foundation and how you can help improve the lives of animals.
  • Be aware and sensitive about animal cruelty and its prevention. Stand up for what is right, and give a voice to those who can't speak.
  • How can you lend a hand in your local community? Volunteer at your local animal shelter or organize an adoption campaign for animals without homes. 

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