A film by Tiffany Shlain. More at The Moxie Institute.

How are we shaping our brains? How do we think about how we think? The internet might be a good framework with which to understand this, but it is in its infancy compared to a child's brain. Consider this: If webpages were neurons the internet has a trillion; a child's brain has a hundred billion. But if hyperlinks were synapses the internet has a hundred trillion and a child's brain has a quadrillion! Learn more about the vast potential of the human mind in this eye-opening...and charming...video from Let It Ripple: Mobile Films for Global Change.


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  • Joan Marks

    As an educator this video helps support what I believe in and facilitate with my own children and the parents of the children in my class

  • Toby Manzanares

    This film is supported by my 39 year focus in the classroom on brain development in children. I encourage all parents, teachers, and policy makers to view the film and work together to enlighten learning environments around the world.

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  • Visit Let It Ripple to learn how your nonprofit organization can use their films for free.
  • Enjoy a wonderful online game with your children like Super Better.  It is designed to build personal resilience in the face of a serious challenge.  But also play with them in three dimensions!
  • If our brains are like children, what are you feeding yours?  Make a log for one day of the sites you are visiting on purpose or on impulse to become more aware.

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