Aisha Chaudhary believes in miracles. Born with an immune deficiency disorder, Aisha was not expected to live to her first birthday. Yet at age 15, and battling pulmonary fibrosis, she has accomplished many things she has dared to dream, including modeling in a wheelchair, learning to paint, and dancing at her cousin's wedding. In this INK talk, Aisha shares 5 lessons she's learned through the ups and downs of her journey.


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  • dee

    YOU ARE THAT MIRACLE.. A HUGE CONTRIBUTOR...TY for being there!!immense BLESSINGS !!

  • Carolyn

    Aisha, you are wise beyond your years. Thank you for sharing your story. You have touched my heart. I will remember "my eyes would see no rainbows if there were no tears in my eyes." Bless you

  • Maya

    Aisha, you are an inspiration to me. I wish the wind to be behind your back as you create your reality, twice.

  • Tzippi

    Way to go Aisha. You know so much more than people far older than you. And as for modeling, you have that rare combo of beauty inside and out. May you continue to turn those tears into rainbows. I know you will!

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