When a truck slammed into Joe Damon's car in 2006, the 48-year old husband, father, businessman and athlete suffered a devastating brain injury that left him in a coma for five weeks. "Joe's Journey" tells the story of everything that was lost that day, but more importantly, of all that survived. Through powerful and deeply personal encounters with Joe, his wife, children and close friends, this film reveals the strength in their struggles, the sweetness alongside the shadows, and the quiet heroism of one family living a difficult reality with an extraordinary measure of grace.


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  • Kathy &Lucien(Ross s parents)

    Joe s journey is a testament to your family s strength and devotion. Love is the stronghold , the base of your days to follow, the days of fear and joy. Always know our thoughts and prayers will always be there for your beautiful family. You strengthen our hopes that Ross will have a strong recovery also, he is not only our son but our dearest friend. Thank you for sharing not only your journey but also the real meaning of the word "Love".....Lou & Kathy

  • Rae Rosner-New

    Damon Family, I watched your video with my 26 year old son tonight. His name is Michael and he suffered a severe traumatic brain injury 10/21/07. Michael was involved in a single car accident while driving to his home in Arlington, VA. Michael was Code Blue when he arrived at the hospital and not expected to live. He was in a coma for about a month and we have been blessed beyond measure to see this young man recover more than doctors ever let us hope for. I began journaling his progress for the same reason most people blog - to keep everyone up to date with Mike's progress. After he came home, I began using posts from the blog to create a video of his journey. Your video is beautiful and professionally done but your story is our story. TBI changes all of us and everything forever. We laugh, we love, we live but we do it different now. We all have so much to be thankful for - may God bless your family this holiday season. www.weluvmike.com

  • Denise

    What a wonderful gift you have shared of yourself and family. My twin brother was in a motorcycle accident a year ago August 18. He has TBI. I understand the peeks and valleys you and your family have been through. I relocated back to CA from CO to assist my parents, who are their late 70's, with my brothers rehabilitation. My brother recently had a second accident on his bicycle, tire blew, he went over the handle bars hit his head again, which has set him back tremendously. It is very sad to watch a person who was able to do so many things now not able to comprehend how to do simple things. We have had to work through the loss of the person he was to understanding the person he is right now. It is a long road one that the journey is all by faith and love. Joe, you are a blessing to all those who share in your journey. My God continue to bless you and your family.

  • amsen

    MAY GOD BLESS you and ur family... Lifes worth living however hard it is because there are angels everywhere..

  • Shirley

    Your courage is something we should all pattern our lives after. We must feel blessed each day with the gift of life and also realize how a split second can change everthing. May God bless you and your family through your difficult journey.

  • michael

    My wife is suffering from a disease that has changed our family. We can all learn from each other. Joe's courage and his families strength will help others survive their journeys. Thank you Joe for allowing others to feel your journey...God bless you and your family!

  • Jaydee

    Dear Joe...I cried along with all of you and am so happy you are making it back to where you once were. My son died of "blunt head trauma" in 2004. A priest gave me a little prayer card which is taped to the wall in front of me as I type this: Thank You, Lord.... For all you have given me. For all you have taken from me. For all you have left me. Amen I draw strength and hope from those words. What a wonderful and loving family you have and it is so obvious they love you just the way you are....Peace and all good, Jaydee

  • Kathrin Storheil

    Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you, thank you, thank you.... We have to deal with cronic sickness in our family. It feels so good to see how you handles your situation. We have to focus at what we really have, and not only what we have lost. But it is hard. I believe God watches you, and that your days was not ended when the accident happened. You are a blessing for others, for me too. From my heart I say -God bless you. Thank you for sharing.....

  • Chai

    I am so inspired by the Damon family. It is so encouraging to see people face hardships and do it with such grace and dignity. I hope to have the courage that Lynn has if my husband ever faced a similar situation. and Joe, your inspiration to continue fighting, doing, and being is such an inspiration. Thank you for reminding us how important it is to be. Will continue to keep posted via the blog.

  • Maureen Babu

    Quite an encouraging and moving story. My thoughts and best wishes to the Damon's family.

  • helen

    What a beautiful, gentle, loving family. Joe is a lovely soul who is an inspiration. He is a gift from God. Much love to the family.

  • Athena

    Thank you for this touching video. I want to double thank you because when I opened up this video I started to cry. You see this opening picture of Joe gave me a blessing. I say this because in this picture Joe looks almost exactly like my brother Christopher I lost this past April. And his smile reminded me of how happy my brother was and I am sure he would want me to smile tooo. Thank you.

  • christine c

    Many thanks to Smooth Feather and Joe and all who put their heart into this. My father is recovering from a life-threatening heart infection, and watching this film made me weep with gratitude. How sweet life is, how fast it can change, and how much sweeter it can become. As Joeseph Campbell said: "You must give up the life you had planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you."

  • Mary

    Very Inspirational! Thanks for sharing this with the world! God Bless You!

  • christine teubersen

    Dear Joe and Lynn, I don't know you personally, I only know you through Rick Gowen.Many times he has related tales of your courage to me. Today he fwded this video to me and I am so touched to see and hear you tell your stories personally. I want to thank you-your entire family and the friends who made this possible- for sharing your journey with others. Your love for one another, your patience and determination are a true inspiration for others and a reminder of what a gift this human life is. From far away in Vienna, with love and blessings, Christine Teubersen

  • Heidi Theriault

    This was such a touching documentary. I was very new to CPPA when Joe had his accident and have only heard bits and pieces here and there. This documentary puts it all together and really highlights what huge obstacles the entire family has cleared. A very good friend of mine went through a similar ordeal and I want to tell you that he's still improving to this day, some 15 years later! I'm sure Joe will improve more and more as time passes, too.

  • Steve and Heidi Blaisdell

    From the first Emails from Lynn upto this vidio. Joe has inspired me to push on. Thanks for being so sharing. We love your courage. May God continue his blessings on your faimly Steve and Heidi

  • Nancy Holowitz

    Joe, I first said I'm too busy to watch this now, but then realized I had to see it again. How quickly we forget those days when we didn't know if you would come back to us I lived to get Lynns calls and emails. When we finally knew you were coming home ,we couldn't wait to see you. When was driving to Hapgood hospital, I had such a panic attack as to what Jack and I would see. We walked into the room and you knew us and flashed that smile and I knew we had you back. We admire all of your courage and know we will be friends forever. We love you all and will always be there for you. Jack and Nancy Holowitz

  • R Skeens

    I was a caregiver for my wife who unlike Joe didn't make it. This was very touching and rekindled memories of what the famiy goes thru.You go Joe bless you

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