A film by Sophia Pink.

Monday mornings in Washington, DC, are mundane and depressing - no one is looking forward to work. Massoud Adibpour and his friends hope to bring a bit of cheer to commuters in this stressed-out city. If Adibpour can change the outlook of one person a day, it's mission accomplished. A sign that triggers a feeling of gratitude or contentment can encourage a mindset of good feelings throughout the day.


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  • Cindy Landon

    My partner, Linda Ferguson!

  • Roger Marsh

    It's a great reminder that we are all connected in some way. When you see someone who's smiling as they come towards you, you then tend to smile as well. It allows you to let down your guard and be more inviting. It's also a reminder that I need to smile more often as well.

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  • Check out MakeDCSmile by "liking" their Facebook page. Their website is coming soon...
  • Take a minute to read this excerpt from "The Art of Slowing Down." One key to taking care of ourselves lies in learning how to slow down.
  • Do something to make someone smile - spread some positive energy today.

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