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Jessica Cox is the world's first licensed arm-less pilot. Ms. Cox, born without arms, has never let this obstacle stand in her way. With a positive attitude and creativity, she drives, plays piano, and has also become the first arm-less black-belt in the American Taekwondo Association. For any given life condition, you can either be a victim or be empowered. The choice is yours.


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  • monte hannah

    Ingenuity at its best. I am inspired to never give up because if there is a will I will find a way. Thank you Jessica for sharing your story you are truky an awesome person.

  • Trupti Joisher

    Normally things which people find it difficult to do with hands, this inspiring lady has done all that with her legs... hats off to her great spirit, confidence, courage and the great way through which she leads life... my good wishes to her. Wish to meet her in future

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Inspiring! You have shown us a Beautiful example of changing Impossible to I'm Possible! HUG@ Sharing this with my Mother who needs perspective as she heals from a broken knee.


    this women is so beutiful and if there was any thing thAT THE WORLD CAN DO TO GIVE HER ARMS

  • Munir

    There is no limit to be inspired soul. Realy its inspired me to do what I could imagine for me for my family and for my society.

  • Hugh

    Dont let anything get in your way, well done to you Jessica and less complaining from me from now on, for sure.

  • Kenneth ndungu

    what an inspiring story i thought i was at the end of my ways and dreams but with her story am back to the race nothing will stop me from being who want to be in this life i admire you Jessica cox

  • pooja

    Really Brave lady i salute you.

  • Dr. Purnima Gurung

    Inspiring to inner soul. What a human , Jessica ; I admire you . You are awesome. I pray to GOD ALMIGHTY that many may come to know about you and get inspired !!! GOD Bless !!!

  • Aye Chan Aung

    Really amazing! It is true that nothing is impossible to a willing mind.:-)

  • Rod Williams

    Jessica has contacted her inner soul and lives in the moment in a positive manner, accomplishing the best she can and not seeking sympathy for being born with a so called disability.

  • Marc

    I missed it, she is so pretty, what's the video about?

  • Richard Wamala

    Jessica has proved it right that nothing is impossible once you make up yo mind. You are an inspiration!

  • Michael

    Thank you Jessica! You are a Powerful and Beautiful teacher. Your Bright Spirit shined a light into my "confusions" today when I watched this.

  • Eboni

    With all the things she can do with so much ease, it is apparent she made the choice to have no other choice but to do, to act, to figure it out. I am blown away by her.

  • David Edwards

    Inspired by the visuals of what Jessica can do with her feet. Preconceptions blown away. So creative!

  • navin sata

    nelson mandela,mahatma gandhi,mother teresa,and many more human spirit at its best,people likejessica are guiding light to all human race ,people like her must be role model not sports and its players,always love navin sata

  • Coleman

    Amazing. We watched this video twice because we liked it so much. I like this video because it is very inspirational. Coleman (aged 7)

  • Eileen

    Whilst I've read all the books and certainly try to maintain a positive attitude in the face of difficulty, this story takes positivity to a whole new level for me. It demonstrates that truly nothing is impossible with the right attitude. Jessica, you are such an inspiration, and I hope as many people as possible get to see this video.

  • Olivia

    With great appreciation to Jessica for your beauty, grace, strength and awesome spirit. You are a blessing to us all through your zest for life!

  • Pinki

    What's not to inspire? I'll never complain that "I can't" again...

  • jatinder batra

    we salute you

  • Iris

    Many of us do NOT use our gifts and we complain about what we "lack". Our cup runneth over with gifts of sight, limbs, a brain and the ability to hear and speak. I will do more today, because of Jessica's story which uplifted me beyond words. She has taught me that I don't know the first thing about "obstacles". Most are in my head. Thank you, Jessica!!!

  • Annie

    What didn't inspire me about this video? I am constantly reminded that I take too much of my life for granted, and Jessica's story has humbled me .... once again. Namaste!

  • Paul (South Africa)

    She is an inspiration to us all, Well done young lady!

  • Mervin Pillay

    WOW...Its almost Unbelieveable that Jessica is able to perform every task, with so much precision and accuracy especially using the cell phone, keyboard, applying make-up and driving. Its truly inpsiring and serves as a motivation to most of us who are able bodied, who limit ourselves even though we are fully capable of doing things. Outstanding Jessica.

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  • Learn more about Jessica Cox and her motivational activities
  • If you are in a difficult situation, write down how you can transform it into a situation of empowerment, based on Jessica’s example.
  • Think of an obstacle you face in your life in a different way - might you be able to find a creative solution to overcome this hurdle?

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