A film by Imanuel Goncalves.

It’s what we carry inside our heart that defines us. The artistry of ordinary life is creating something new and meaningful. This video has touching stories of people that used the four chambers of their heart – compassion, courage, vision and wonder. Featuring the viral sensation, "The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget", wisdom and insight from the world's top neurosurgeon Ben Carson, and the unforgettable stories of 5 year old Austin, and the horses of Greatwood, "Four Chambers" will show you different ways to look at the world. This film illustrates simple and yet profound ways of living life to the fullest.


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  • T. Johnson

    I really anticipated this movie, and it was indeed great...until it got to the segment of Dr. Ben Carson. Carson is a fairly strident homophobe, who once joked that anti-gay bakers should put poison in 'gay wedding cakes.' When asked about this during a subsequent interview, Mr. Carson remarked that people who were upset over his poisoned wedding cake 'joke' were being immature. It is also worth noting that the Southern Poverty Law Center–-which monitors hate groups across the US--had placed Carson on its Extremist Watch List, putting him alongside other dangerous individuals. Mr. Carson's disingenuousness and hatred pretty much undermine any point he would try to make about "wisdom" in the Four Chambers film. If his segment in the film were replaced, I would like to recommend this short film to others.

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