Until Carson Jones, the quarterback of the Queen Creek High School football team stepped in, Chy Johnson, a special needs student, was bullied at school. Rather than tell Chy's mother who some of the bullies were, Carson asked Chy to sit with him at lunch every day. Soon, the entire football team rallied around Chy, and she became their No. 1 fan. Their actions have not only impacted the team members, but changed the atmosphere in the entire school for the better. ​"Everyone kind of realizes that this is the way to go, and not bullying because there's better consequences when you're nice to everyone than when you're not" says Carson.


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  • Watch what another football player, Kevin Curwick of Osseo High School, did when his friends were being bullied on Twitter.
  • The Peel District School Board produced this video and put together these resources to help students, teachers and parents stand up for those who need an extra boost.
  • Stand up, in your own way, to an injustice you come across in your daily life.

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