A film by Alex Gabbay. More at Monkey and Me Films.

In a world where violent wars are being waged and the planet is being ravaged by mankind's actions, what role do kindness and compassion have to play to turn things around? And is it possible that empathy might be able to succeed where aggression, politics and economic sanctions have failed? These are the potent questions explored in "Love, Hate and Everything in Between", a film that delves into the worlds of neuroscience, psychology, education and technology to uncover the oft-overlooked power of empathy. As one interviewee puts it, "If we didn't have empathy we couldn't have complex civilizations. Empathy is really the hidden hand of history."


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  • Watch this engaging RSA animation of a talk by Brene Brown on the difference between empathy and sympathy.
  • In your interactions this week try stepping into the shoes of the other person. Take a moment to see things from their perspective, and observe how this changes your own.

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