Imagine picking up the phone to hear the caller on the other end say, “Good Morning. My name is Barbara Hillary. I am a 75 year old black woman and my goal is to ski to the North Pole.” After Barbara retired, she set out to become the first black woman to ski to the North and South poles and there was nothing that would stop her from achieving that dream. When she finally reached the North Pole, Barbara dedicated that moment to the memory of someone that had given her the strength to make it through the journey - her mother. Watch this video and dare to think big!


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    "Sweet"!! Great inspiration. Great example

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  • Help Barbara achieve her next goal and learn more about her journey to the North and South poles.
  • Learn about the magic of thinking big and the importance of thinking positively towards yourself.
  • Reflect on one of your dreams and take this moment to believe in yourself. You can do it!

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