As anyone who's ever made a habit of eating out can tell you, restaurant service can be unpredictable, unnerving and off-putting. The food can be late. Servers can be rude and management can sometimes seem indifferent to your complaints and needs. This isn't the case at Tim's Place in Albuquerque, N.M., where every meal is accompanied by a hug from owner Tim Harris, who has Down syndrome. At Tim's Place, Harris serves "breakfast, lunch and hugs, but hugs are the best part," he concedes...So far, according to the eatery's website, Harris has doled out almost 32,500 hugs. In fact, Harris greets and hugs every customer who comes through the door, plays host, serves food and oversees several employees.  


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  • Govindarajan

    how a differently abled person can make a difference and set an example to the socalled NORMAL PEOPLE.The power of uncondtional love!!! Wins hearts!?

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  • If you were inspired by Tim Harris's story visit Tim's Place in person, or visit the restaurant's website where you can leave a comment for Tim.
  • Read about another amazing server, Lauren Wells, who's quick thinking "fixed" the day for one little Autistic Angel.
  • Next time you are dining out, if your server goes beyond the call of duty, show appreciation not just by leaving a healthy tip but also with human interaction - tell them.

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