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Animals have incredible healing capabilities and 'Koko the Therapy Dog' is a powerful example of a healing relationship between human beings and animals. Koko is a cute Labradoodle who is also the first mixed breed dog in America to be certified as a therapy dog (ThD) by the American Kennel Club. Koko and his handler, Steven Herz, have traveled through 5 counties in the USA, visiting over 35 facilities like nursing homes, special needs schools and libraries, where the elderly and children both have benefited from Koko's love and giving nature. Koko has been a therapy dog for 7 1/2 years and still continues to love and heal unconditionally.


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  • John Malcomson

    "Cold Noses warming hearts!" So beautiful! What a service Koko and other therapy dogs provide! A great way to improve motor skills!

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  • Share your pet's love with someone who needs healing or a little happiness today.

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