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There is an Everyday Hero in Phoenix, Arizona. This beautiful soul is putting a unique, inspirational, twist on a traditional child's toy and source of comfort for all ages - the Teddy Bear. Artist Tara Logsdon rescues Teddy Bears from thrift stores and turns them into one-of-a-kind, better-than-new, pieces of art. Using her passion and talent, she is promoting deliberate creation and consumption while giving the reciever of the new, old, bear much joy.


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  • bilkis yusuf

    what a wonderful idea to share with children, we all must learn to love and give in whatever way we can

  • Rachel Feeney

    The innovative, original idea.

  • Na'ama

    Original Idea, coming directly from her heart. A heart filled with love with the intention of wanting children and others to find joy, delight and surprise by looking upon a new face, a new life, a new chance at life and love and connection. A new home, a new family, a new start. I was inspired by how personal the work was...each bear created by hand...including a love focused prescription for healing. Also, sharing where the bear was found is a sweet detail. It makes me want to look for bears the next time I'm at the thrift store (smile). I always like to have something around my house for the children who come to my house. Sometimes I carry things up to my spiritual retreat center for the children there. It would be a fun project for the children to do.

  • Jack Reich

    I heard Doc Tara said she enjoys her project because she had been abandoned. I think it is unfair to suggest she be charitable with her bears because we do not know exactly where she is coming from. She may be otherwise unemployed or formerly homeless and just thru this work she may have become self supporting. If nothing else she stands as a model for others as to how they may better use their time and skills and for that alone she shoud be commended.

  • larry

    I fell in love with you Tara. Are you a doctor too ? are you a mother too ? if you are not ,I am prepared to make you my child`s Mom and space for your Bears to play with

  • Loretta

    I admire Ms. Logsdon's ability to make a beautiful bear from a discarded one. Regarding Liz's comment: Apparently, Ms. Logsdon financial revenue is from the sale of the bears. I think Liz needs to buy some of the bears and give away to charities, etc. if she feels Ms. Logsdon is selfish. There is a possibility tjat Ms. Logsdon does contribute some of her art to charities. Liz, spread some sunshine; give away some bears.

  • Dandylion

    I love her creativity. You sense joy in what she does and she brings it to children.

  • Liz

    Yes I felt the same way.. as ashok, why not give the bears to poor children or at least part of the proceeds. Did not find this video inspiring as it seems a bit selfish, strange and not giving nor very artistic.

  • ashok

    Wouldn't it be good if these teddies are donated to poor children

  • Brian

    A hug is a hug when from the heart, no matter how the Teddy Bear looks :-) Thanks guys...good for her...may she live a long life of her Art and enjoying the discovery of what brings her happiness!!!! Peace is an absence of confusion...travel in harmony....long live the Bearbulance....

  • Lois

    Everything! One of my favorite stories growing up was Courdoroy, the story of a stuffed bear, looking for love:) What a great heart you have to do this! You are a true artist:)

  • Amy Wolff

    I love this! According to Doreen Virtue, children give each stuffed animal they love a piece of their soul to be reflected back to them so I love the fact she gives them a new face (eyes, nose, mouth).

  • tiago

    What big vehicles these people drive!

  • Pratik Patel

    Nothing actually!

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  • The Bears and their creator's mission? To help combat mass production and consumption as well as to encourage re-purposing. Learn how to make 20 toys made from everyday trash.
  • Visit the "Teddy Bear Program." The Teddy Roosevelt Association started the Teddy Bears for Kids Program in 1986 with only one goal – to help make sick children smile.
  • Look around your home and yard. What could you give new life or purpose to? Be creative today!

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