If New York City's taps went dry, what would its inhabitants do? In this new PSA from charity: water, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Connelly helps us consider this very possibility as she walks to Central Park to collect dirty water for her family--as do millions of mothers in Africa each day. Directed by Hotel Rwanda's Terry George, the PSA made its national debut on American Idol Gives Back earlier this month. All involved in the production donated their time.


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  • Tamara Johnson

    There is a way to be part of the solution! Go to http://tamara.hubhub.org The Total package is food, water, micro-loans. Let's join forces and do it together!

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  • Twenty dollars can give one person clean and safe drinking water for twenty years. Commit to helping one person, and visit charity: water to find out how.
  • See what happened on the birthday of charity: water's founder last September, when one hundred others with birthdays the same month sacrificed gifts for clean water.
  • "Thousands have lived without love, but not one without water," wrote W.H. Auden.  Treasure your water and use it wisely.

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