On a Saturday in May 2008, over a span of four hours, twenty-four short films made "by the world, for the world" were broadcast on television and transmitted over the internet and to cell phones everywhere. They called it Pangea Day. "In a world where people are often divided by borders, difference and conflict," the event's creators explained, "it's easy to lose sight of what we have in common." Citizens around the globe tuned in, watched, and recognized.


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  • MaryEllen

    Pangea Day, it was great! It needs more advertising for next year.

  • Arlan Berglas

    Pangea is doing their part! Together we can make a difference! We are all capable of making a difference in this world. What are you doing to help make the world a better place?

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  • Learn more about Pangea Day  and the plan for keeping the goodness flowing beyond the event itself.
  • Pangea Day's programming included choirs in one country singing the national anthem of the country of another.  Watch what happened when Kenya sang for India.
  • "If we put a drop of water on a rock in the sunshine, it will soon evaporate," says Buddhist monk Pema Chodron.  "But in the ocean, it will never be lost."  Be part of something larger than yourself.

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