"Love is listening, observing, validating and empathizing."  In this TEDx talk, educator and "empathetic first responder" Catherine Cadden shows us, through personal stories, that we can all access empathetic connection with another human being at any moment by responding to their basic needs of respect, compassion, interdependence, trust, and harmony. Cadden has chosen to work in the education system because she ​believes that children who have the opportunity to practice peace in the classroom will effect the change we need to create a peaceful society. Her work now extends to 6 continents and thousands of people supporting and inspiring the practice of being nonviolent.


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  • sherrie

    Simple human experience with a motivation of how can I hear you very inspired want to know more does Catherine have a website

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  • Find out more about Catherine Cadden's work through the organizations that she has founded: the TEMBA School and Play in the Wild.
  • Learn more about nonviolent communication (NVC), which starts with the assumption that we are all compassionate by nature and share the same, basic, human needs.
  • Reach through your views of one of your "enemies" and try to make an empathetic connection, human to human.

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