We all lie. Studies have shown that people lie an average of 3 times in a 10 minute conversation. But what are the consequences of lying to yourself or others for extended periods of time? What happens to you when you hold on to BIG secrets? According to Bruce Muzik, you become numb; you lose your 'aliveness' when you are forced to lie about who you are and present yourself to the world as something you are not. The consequences of keeping our secrets far outweigh the consequences of telling the truth. In this candid TEDx talk, Muzik shares some of his biggest secrets and assures us that when we share our truth with others, we empower the to find their own peace.


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  • Telling lies and keeping secrets are part of human life. Read the study referenced by Muzik on how often people lie during a 10 minute conversation.
  • Learn more about the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which has been used as a model to heal communities that have suffered atrocities all over the world.
  • What's your secret? How honest and open are you willing to be if sharing it would bring you back to being "alive"?

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