In September 2005, one hundred and forty people of varying ages came together for three days near Yosemite National Park to participate in an endeavor they called the Palestinian Jewish Family Peacemakers Camp. Attendees hailed from both North America and the Middle East. Their intention? To understand more closely each other's fears, to alleviate their general ignorance about one another, to learn to live together. Here's how the experiment went.


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  • merwanji

    This may be just one weekend & as such one could be cynical. However imagine if this became more universal with more & more people listening to one another, then change could really take place & people would take to the streets & get rid of their short-sighted politicians. This is the only way - to circumvent the politics of today. Believe in it, listen & understand that we are all human beings together in this world & you could make it happen.

  • Dee Henderson

    Sorry to say this but events such as these are self-delusional and hinder real efforts to bring the oppressive occupation of the West Bank and the imprisonment of the Gazans to an end.

  • Arlan Berglas

    Being accepting of one another is what it's all about - Pass It On

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