Aiden Hornaday was 8 years old when he picked up his brother's dusty harmonica with no idea of how to play it. The next day, waiting for his mother at a restaurant, he took off his cap and started playing, and got 80 unexpected dollars in tips "just for taking his hat off." That night, he decided to donate the $80 to fight intestinal parasites for African orphans, and the seeds of Aiden Cares was born. Now 12, Aiden has raised over $60,000 in 4 years. Aiden believes that everyone has something to give. "It's one of the greatest rewarding things ever; and you get more from it when you help.  Blessings just come - it's amazing."


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  • Lin

    Wow what an amazing young man what inspires me is the selflessness of Aidan, if only more people could be as helpful and giving as he. Yes I do have a cause that I'm passionate about and give what I can.

  • pascal

    thanks for the story

  • Vicky

    The adults watching this can learn a lot about selflessness. This young man is amazing.

  • Julianne

    Everything about this video is inspiring! Thank you for telling this story.

  • Tom Tuohy

    Thanks for showing us all the way Aiden. Yes, we all do have something to give.

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