A film by Echoing Green.

Echoing Green invests in individuals with the creativity and passion to "solve the world's biggest problems." Its fellowship recipients are young, bold, and talented. Get to know this innovative funding organization by meeting some of its social entrepreneurs and previewing a few of their projects: emergency medical response for urban India, micro-capital investment programs for rural West Africa, and an innovative remedial reading program in inner-city America. See what smart, driven, compassionate young people can achieve when backed with proper support.


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  • Kiki

    i had already been to the sight of echo green because I am also passionate about making a positive difference to our communities and it is inspiring to see other people who have been successful in positively impacting peoples life. it give me great hope for our future. I am encourage in the work that I am doing related to community empowerment in my area. I am eternally grateful that you shared your stories. African Soul print sister. I al

  • Salvador

    Good education for poor people in my country is something I would like to address. Along with the academic or formal eduation I think that bringing education to the poor about how to live better improving their knowledge to do that is something that will make a hudge difference.

  • samir

    a lot of young people get affected by hypertension and diabetes now a days without realising the gravity of situation.few are not aware of the big diseases they harbour till they have a massive heart attack or stroke.i am looking to increase the awareness regarding these diseases in the rural population of central India.

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  • Learn more about the Echoing Green fellowships and the bright young social entrepreneurs it supports.
  • Social entrepreneurship is fast-becoming a preferred companion to nonprofit problem-solving.  Consider the dynamics of this for-profit approach.
  • Have a simple idea for making your community a better place? Act on it!

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