Have you ever thought about how much of your time is used in worrying about things you can't change or control instead of using it to do the things you really love and which nurture your heart, body and soul? This video shows that in the US, the average American lives 79 years. Of these, about 8.5 years are spent at work - hopefully doing a job which is meaningful, 23 years are gone in sleeping - hopefully most of this time next to the person we love, and at the end we have about 7.5 years to decide how to make the best (or worst) use of them. Are you using each day, hour, minute and second to make your time an instrument to a meaningful life?


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  • goodcarma

    Great art, and a truly thoughtful message. Thanks for putting life in perspective...one bean at a time...g

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  • If you only had one day left, what would you do with it? Write down on a piece of paper how you would spend your last day. Read it out loud and do the things you'd say you do! 
  • Take one day of your life and write down how many hours you spend doing each of your daily activities. Is this the life you wish to continue living? Try this app or one similar to keep track of your daily journey.
  • Each day allow yourself some time to contemplate a beautiful sunset or to enjoy the beauty of a gray, rainy day. (And record it.) Include a selfless act of love to those around you, even if it is to make them smile.

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